Runoff, into Lake D. continues to be an issue, particularly in spring. Very heavy rains create flooding, mostly along Hwy 45. Water flows are enhanced by early snow melt-off. Water then enters the lake at various locations, most notably on the NORTH end of the lake. This water runs under Hwy 45, across several properties, under the bridge, and then into the lake.

We are continuing to get phosphorus into the lake on the SOUTH end as well.  The runoff is usually lower in volume, but higher in chemical concentration. We have contacted our neighbors to the south, noting high phosphorous levels.  Some improvements were made.   On the south end, water combines from three streams before reaching the lake.   It then travels through the woods. Filtering further reduces this number, before entering Lake D. .

The lake water committee is still looking at ways to reduce chemical levels, but it is important to note that there are other possible sources for contaminants,  ... such as boat activity, stirring up the lake bottom,

Lake de Neveu     Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


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